Property Coverage

Too often property insurance is seen as the easiest coverage to purchase for an entity. At Snedeker Risk Management, we disagree. Other than salary and benefits, insurance coverage is usually one of the largest expenses in a city or county’s annual budget.  It is easy to purchase insurance. It is very difficult to get the right coverage with the proper service your entity deserves.

If an up-to-date appraisal and assessment has not been done on an entity, especially one as diverse as a city or county government, then odds are the entity is not being insured properly. While property may not be bought and sold frequently, the replacement cost does vary from year to year. It is crucial that your insurance firm keeps these values up-to-date and in accordance with industry standards.

At Snedeker Risk Management, we perform a property audit on any new account as well as partner with carriers that have the resources to provide professional appraisals on each and every one of our public entities.

Casualty Coverage

Snedeker Risk Management views casualty insurance as one of the most important areas of coverage needed for an entity, especially for public entities that typically have numerous departments. From auto liability, to law enforcement liability, to medical malpractice liability, and more, we will work with you to carefully assess what coverage is needed to adequately protect it against loss and/or litigation.

Professional legal representation is a crucial part of adequately serving and protecting our clients. Snedeker Risk Management not only has our own in-house legal counsel to assist clients in managing litigation with the insurer when it arises, but we also partner with insurance carriers who have the ability to assist our clients to the fullest extent with their proven and experienced legal teams.

We know many counties and cities have multiple departments and often few resources to bolster their risk management practices. We work with your department heads and staff to help them gain the knowledge and access to professionals who can assist them.

Workers Compensation

Nowhere in Illinois is litigation more prominent in the business arena than in the workers’ compensation field. Employers must take advantage of any opportunity to protect their employees against injury and sickness as well as implement adequate policies and procedures that can help mitigate their exposure. Snedeker Risk Management works extensively with their clients to incorporate loss control strategies that can help to protect each entity against workers’ compensation claims.

Like other lines of coverage, Snedeker Risk Management partners with insurance carriers that have loss control divisions which offer services to our clients as an added value and service sector. We work with our clients and their employees to reduce risk, reduce injuries, and reduce premiums over the course of time.

Safety grant check presentation photo
Snedeker Risk Management works with the Illinois Counties Risk Management Trust and our clients to provide safety matching grants to reduce risk, reduce claims, and reduce premiums. This is one of many value-added services SRM works to provide its local government clients.