At SRM, we know public officials often share their experiences with their neighbors. If your county, city, village, or unit of local government would like to learn more directly from the people we already work with, contact SRM for a list of all current county, city and public entity clients. We want you to hear directly from our current clients in their own words.  We trust you will value their words more than ours.

For reference contact information, please contact us at (800) 331-0546

Mason County has been with Snedeker Risk Management for more than 20 years. This firm is much more than your average insurance agent who you might see twice a year to collect the premium. They specialize in local government work, and save us a tremendous amount of work and money. They make certain the coverage is correct and go to bat for you if something is wrong. Often times, you don't know the value of this service until you need it. Snedeker's also provide periodic educational seminars for local government clients on a variety of important topics. I know of no other agent which offers these types of services.

Bill Blessman

Mason County Administrator