Snedeker Risk Management specializes in assisting local government employers with cost effective employee benefits administered with personal customer service.  Read more about the types of coverage SRM can provide for your employees.

Health Care – Major Medical

We also pride ourselves in working directly with decision makers and covered employees to understand coverages, answer questions, and strive for client satisfaction.  SRM partners with fully insured markets, and also administers partially self-funded markets.

With just one phone call, Snedeker Risk Management can help build your entity a healthcare plan that can provide the desired coverage with cost stability.

Learn more about Health Options for Public Entities – The H.O.P.E Trust.

Life Insurance

With life insurance companies like The Standard, MetLife, The Principal, and The Hartford, Snedeker Risk Management works with nationally recognized carriers for our clients and their employees. While life insurance is not an insurance that anyone wants to think about, it is one that can be very beneficial for your family and loved ones left behind.

An additional benefit of having a group life insurance policy is the additional life “buy-up” provision for the employees. While most insurance policies require the business or entity to pay at least a portion of the cost, the addition life option is solely for the benefit of the employees and can be 100% employee paid. This is always an optional benefit for the employees but can be a great way for an employee to purchase additional life insurance on not only themselves but their entire family.

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Vision, Dental & Additional Ancillary Benefit Policies

In addition to health and life insurance benefits, many public entity employers offer additional benefits to their work force.  The following are a few of the ancillary benefit policies SRM can provide in tandem with health care or life policies, or as stand-alone benefits:

  • Disability
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD & D)
  • Short-Term Disability (STD)
  • Long-Term Disability (LTD)

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